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“Peach Street Revival is a breath of fresh air, given the band is only 243 miles away from Denver. The four-piece band blends ‘80s metal, punk and blues into one kick-ass, female-dominated band. The Grand Junction band has a style and grit that is much needed to stand out in the oversaturated music industry and an attitude to their music that inspires the sort of rebellion born from rock 'n’ roll. With vocals reminiscent of Robert Plant and a stage presence that’s as engaging as it is passionate, Peach Street Revival is a band to watch outside of UMS in hopes of more Denver shows."


Hailing from Grand Junction, Colorado, Peach Street Revival is a fierce four-piece, female-dominated powerhouse that's here to make history. From the first chord to the last electrifying note, they'll leave you in awe of their fiery spirit!

Meet the Band:
Gonzales - Vocals & Harmonica
Sofia Benham - Drums & Vocals
Jordan Will - Bass, Piano & Vocals
Cooper Bradley
Shull - Guitar & Vocals

Sound Inspiration: Classic Rock, Blues, and Punk

The Groovy Vibe:
Peach Street Revival's music is an electrifying fusion of classic rock, bluesy melodies, and punk energy that takes you on a mind-blowing journey through their original compositions and heart-thumping covers of rock's greatest icons!

Rocking the Stages:
Since their inception in 2018, Peach Street Revival has captivated audiences far and wide with their spellbinding performances. They've stormed the stages of legendary festivals and venues, leaving fans asking for more:


●  Cleveland Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
●  Amphitheater at Las Colonias Park supporting ZZ TOP
●  Sturgis Buffalo Chip supporting Puddle of Mudd and Buckcherry
●  Loud American Roadhouse - Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
●  The National BMW Motorcycle Rally
●  The Mint LA
●  Belly Up Aspen
●  Colorado Mountain Winefest
●  Cherry Creek Arts Festival
●  Grand Junction Rides & Vibes Festival
●  Ouray Mountain Air Music Series
●  Palisade Peach Festival...and many more!

Drawing inspiration from rock's finest, Peach Street Revival pays homage to icons like Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Heart, Fleetwood Mac, Jefferson Airplane, Queen, Rush, and many other legends that have shaped the history of
rock and roll.

Unleashing the Music:
Peach Street Revival's powerhouse music is available for your auditory pleasure on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.
Experience their music videos, electrifying live performances, and connect with them on socials right here on the official website.

Meet the Rockers:
Gonzales - A true rock soul with roots in Los Angeles, CA. With four studio albums under her belt and a remarkable journey as a singer and songwriter for various recording studios, she's rocked stages at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Austin SXSW, The Viper Room, and many other legendary venues! Gonzales has music sync licensing with Warner Bros. Pictures, Nickelodeon, and independent films.

Sofia Benham - A passionate drummer who began playing live at a young age. She has mesmerized audiences with her infectious beats and electrifying performances. Sofia has been fortunate to receive guidance from renowned artists like Thomas Lang and Stanton Moore, further fueling her growth as a drummer. 

Jordan Will - A classically trained musician turned rockstar, Jordan's multi-instrumental talents shine. From indie bands Bicycle Annie and Deep Purple Rain to stages from Las Vegas to Denver, she consistently brings her punk style!

Cooper Bradley Shull - A guitar virtuoso who first strummed a guitar at the age of fourteen. His versatile playing styles have dazzled audiences, ranging from classic rock and blues to intimate finger-style acoustic performances. A true talent with a degree in Spanish from Colorado Mesa University!

The Rock 'n' Roll Revolution:
Join Peach Street Revival on their exhilarating journey as they unleash the spirit of rock and roll, one electrifying riff at a time. With thunderous beats, soul-stirring vocals, and electrifying stage presence, they'll leave you craving more of that heart-pounding, foot-stomping rock magic. Are you ready to embrace the revolution? Let's rock on, Colorado, and beyond! 

"Peach Street Revival delivers when it comes to high energy, power rock and roll. They know how to cast a musical spell over crowds of all ages, no one can resist dancing to their classics and original tunes. Gonzales, the rock goddess of Western Colorado, leads this brilliant group of musicians with style and grace. They are as much fun to work with as they are to watch perform!"   --The Ouray Mountain Air Music Board of Directors, Ouray Mountain Air Music Series 

"Formed from an experienced group of musicians, Peach Street Revival brings all the passion and noise of classic rock to a modern audience. Each member of the band is talented in their own right, but their chemistry and passion for music makes their performance much more than the sum of their parts."   --Grand Valley Live

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